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Welcome to Nigel Pugh, Notary of Winchester

Photo of Nigel Pugh, Notary of Winchester Hampshire UK

Nigel Pugh, Notary of Winchester

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

Here you will find out the answer to many of your questions such as what exactly a notary is, what I can help you with, how much it will cost and a bit more about my experience and qualifications. I can assure you that if I can help you, I will, and I will make the experience as pleasant and painless as possible.

I am based in the centre of Winchester and available at pretty much any time. I can also visit you in your home or office. I cover Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke, Andover, Romsey and the rest of Hampshire. I can also get to London at short notice where I already have a number of clients

During the COVID-19 period it is possible to Notarise via Video Link. I can do this on WhatsApp or ZOOM and please ask me for further details

Here’s the first question.

Do you need a Notary?

A Notary, also known as a Notary Public, is a qualified lawyer whose task it is to authenticate documents and transactions so that they can be effective in countries outside England & Wales.

Notaries belong to the oldest of the three branches of the legal profession, the others being solicitors and barristers. Having successfully completed studies encompassing Roman and Private International Law and Notarial Practice, a Notary, also known as a Notary Public, is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is subject to regulation by the Archbishop’s Master of Faculties.

Notaries must be fully insured and maintain fidelity cover for the protection of their clients and the public. They must keep clients’ money separately from their own and comply with stringent practice rules and rules relating to conduct and discipline.

The practice of a Notary Public is quite separate from that of a solicitor. Notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures, authority and capacity relating to documents for use overseas.

How I, as a Notary, can help you

Here are the main tasks I carry out

  • Authenticating powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Authenticating foreign wills and providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes, or to apply to marry or to work abroad, such as education or professional qualifications or declarations of freedom to marry
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions or providing certificates as to the status of a company or the identity of its directors
  • Certifying documents as being true copies

Two questions I am invariably asked about my Notarial Service

Two questions I am invariably asked when people first make contact are how soon am I available and how much will it cost?

The answer to the first question is that my office is above where I live in Winchester Hampshire, so I am available pretty much 24/7 including weekends and bank holidays, although I prefer to do my work during the day!

I know my clients’ needs are often urgent so I can usually offer a same or next day service.

As to cost, unless there are complications, I charge private individuals £50 for the first document and £15 for each subsequent document done at the same time. For commercial documents, it’s £75 + VAT for the first document and £50 + VAT for each subsequent one, done at the same time. This per document, not per page!

I can see you in your home (£100) or in your office (£150 + VAT and travel costs).

If a document requires either legalisation by way of an apostille or, as it can on occasion, a consular stamp, I can tell you how to get these yourself or I can get them for you subject to a small administration charge and postage costs. Where a consul stamp is required, I use an agent and her costs will be charged as well. There are some consuls e.g. China and Qatar that have additional requirements which may result in additional costs

I can always give an cost estimate either on the phone or in writing.

As far as payment is concerned, I like to be paid by private clients at the time. You will need to pay either by bank transfer or cheque or cash, as I do not have a card reader. With commercial clients, I am happy to submit an invoice following completion of the matter. I will generally cover the disbursements e.g. Apostille consular agents costs and postage.

If you have a question or think I may be able to help you, please call me on 07771 977092 or send an email to nigel@notarywinchester.com

NB (or PS if you prefer)!

I apologise for the very formal and turgid wording of parts of this web site especially those that deal with Privacy/Cookies/Data Protection/Website Terms/Terms of Business but, as with most businesses, there is substantial regulation and compliance requirements which have to be reflected on my web site. If there is anything there that causes you concern, then please let me know.

Introducing Nigel Pugh, Notary of Winchester